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December 28, 2005 - Been There, Done That! 2006 is now available for download.
This new version adds integrated charts and graphs and a new backup and restore utility. The price of a site license (no additional cost per user) has increased to $169, however, through the end of January 2006 you can get yours for $119 - a $50 discount, by using the Discount Code: QRX000G3 when ordering through BMT Micro. I will now begin replacing download links for earlier versions with the newer version. This is a free version upgrade for registered users and file compatible with version 8x.

December 23, 2005.  Been There, Done That! 2006 is in development.  Expect release in early 2006.  The new version will add integrated charts and graphs and backup and restore.  File compatible with version 8.x, version upgrades will still be free to licensed users in 2006, however, the price of a site license for the next version will likely increase. Still, at less than $200 for unlimited users at a single location, we believe it will still be an excellent value, and affordable for the small 1 person IT Support Staff.  Screen shot below is from the next version and will look only a little different when officially released.  Click the thumbnail for a larger image.

btdt2006.jpg (116989 bytes)


I developed my first help desk several years ago.  Originally, written for my own use, others who saw me using the program suggested it might do well if offered for sale on the Internet.  Well, I released Been There, Done That! at the price of just $75 and have been pleased with the response.  I am proud to say that many organizations in the United States and other countries have purchased the program.  In response to many emails I received over the years, I have upgraded the program many times and in March 2004 have just released version 8.0, and in December 2004, I release version 8.2 - seen below.

December 30, 2004 - Been There, Done That! 8.2 is now available for DownloadView the help file on line in your browser.

Nov 28, 2004 - Added preview of the runtime Style Manager for browsing requests and the new Importing Ability for version 8.2

Nov 27, 2004 - Preview version 8.2 on line - java applet.  8.2 in beta now and official release expected in December.

Oct 28, 2004 - Preview next release of Been There, Done That!  as .doc or .pdf file. In development.

Aug 2, 2004 - Price increase for a site license to $129.


The program is a windows only application, and provides a quick and easy method of recording, updating and reporting on users, their computers, software and peripherals - and the problems they have.


If your budget really is tight, and your needs are reasonable, maybe Been There, Done That! is what you have been looking for in an affordable help desk program.  A fully functional 30 day trial version is available.  The download is just over 5 megs.  I have provided several download links below.