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DBS Help Desk

For whatever reason, some people don't want to use a Microsoft product for either the front end or back end of a help desk program.  They may also want to web enable a database without using IIS or PWS.  This program was developed in response to requests from some of those people.

The program uses standard .dbf files on the back end and an easy to use front end for the Windows application.  

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The ability to add data to the database via web browser is provided using a combination of .html files and cgi-bin executables. In fact, I recommend the free Apache HTTP Server for Windows for this program.

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News News:
SRM Help Desk 2003 is ready 3/28/2003

My Problem Solved! 1.0 is ready for download. 12/26/2002

Problem Solved! 4.0 is ready for download. 11/4/2002.

Problem Solved! 4 and My Problem Solved (MySQL backend) in development. 10/5/2002

Been There, Done That! 7 - International Available.

Been There, Done that! 6.56 released on 8/13/2002 - minor fix

Been There, Done That! 6.55 released on 7/28/2002. 


AccessAble Help Desk Client Server Edition 1.0 7/13/2002

AccessAble Help Desk Pro Edition 2.0 is ready! 6/13/2002

6/20/2002 - Updated .asp/.html pages available




News Downloads:
Download trial versions below.  

My Problem Solved! - my first help desk app using MySQL and PHP pages.

AccessAble Help Desk Professional Edition 2.0

More Reports for AAHD Pro 2.0

Problem Solved! 4.0

Been There, Done That! 7.0

AccessAble Help Desk Client Server Edition

Proactive Customer Support

DBS Help Desk

QUAD Help Desk



News Events:
Proactive Customer Support available for Download 2/18/2002!




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